Minereum Cryptocurrency

Sell Minereum Level-1 Genesis Address [32000 MNE Token] and earn MNE Coin for 47 years.
1. Just sell Level-1’s [32000 MNE Token] you can set price as you wish.
2. Or sell Level-1 Genesis Address [32000 MNE Token] at 0.05 ETH.
3. Or upgrade to Level-3 and earn MNE Coin for 47 years.
Or visit here to get it for free: https://minereum24.xyz/free

The price of 1 MNE Coin on 25 September 2020 was $0.97 USD. Even if the price goes down now, the price of MNE Coin will increase again later. 
CoinGecko : https://www.coingecko.com/en/coins/minereum
Website V2: https://www.minereum.com/v2

By upgrading to Level-3 you will get 1.84 MNE Coin per day and 671.6 MNE Coin per year in your Ether Wallet for 47 years.

For More Information

Buy Wallet: https://minereum24.xyz/pricing

Minereum: https://minereum24.xyz/minereum
Minereum Bangla: https://minereum24.xyz/minereum-bangla
Minereum Hindi: https://minereum24.xyz/minereum-hindi
Free Wallet: https://minereum24.xyz/free